July 2, 2021

#FridayReads July 2, 2021 - F&SF's July/August 2021 issue!

This week's post is a bit late because it's just been that kind of week, and all I'm going to say is this: right now I'm reading through the new July/August issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and it is a stunning. Chockfull of amazing stories by outstanding writers.

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I'm still reading my way through this issue but some of the stories that have impressed the heck out of me so far are 

  • "The Penitent" by Phoenix Alexander (a mindbending story about the value of each life, about love and wrongs to be righted, and about a cat and a seagull and... an electron)
  • "Whatever Happened to the Boy Who Fell Into the Lake?" by Rob Costello (a story about transformation, family, violence, curses, and about the call of the sea, and it's also a story that absolutely destroyed me)
  • "(emet)" by Lauren Ring (a story about facial recognition software and golems and yes, these things go together)

I could go on forever about this issue and the stories in it, because so far every story I've read is a knockout. Just all around fabulous fiction.

Stories in this issue by Lauren Ring, L.X. Beckett, Chimedum Ohaegbu, Rob Costello, Michael Swanwick, Yukimi Ogawa, Bo Balder, Phoenix Alexander, Lisa Lacey Liscoumb, Priya Chand, S. Cameron David, Paula Keane, Maia Brown-Jackson, Rowan Wren, and Tato Navarrete Diaz. Also a poem by Mark Rich. 


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