January 2, 2022

My recommended reading list for 2021: novellas, novelettes, and short stories

These are some of the amazing novellas, novelettes, and short stories I read in 2021. There were many, many more amazing stories published, but being one person with a finite amount of hours in the day, I was (unfortunately) not able to read everything, but here are things I read and loved and would like others to read, too.

My own published work from 2021 is here.


Lagoonfire, by Francesca Forrest, published by Annorlunda Inc.

Philia, Eros, Storge, Agápe, Pragma by R.S.A. Garcia in Clarkesworld

Every Word a Play by Meridel Newton in GigaNotoSaurus

Submergence by Arula Ratnakar in Clarkesworld

The Necessity of Stars by E. Catherine Tobler from Neon Hemlock Press



The Language Birds Speak by Rebecca Campbell in Clarkesworld

A Hollow in the Sky by Alexander Glass in Interzone #290/291

Broad Dutty Water by Nalo Hopkinson in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

The Badger’s Digestion; or The First First-Hand Description of Deneskan Beastcraft by An Aouwan Researcher by Malka Older in Constelación Magazine

Upland Wildlife by Rhonda Pressley Veit in Black Static #78/79

(emet) by Lauren Ring in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July / August 2021

The Burning Girl by Carrie Vaughn in Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Unseelie Brothers by Fran Wilde in Uncanny Magazine

Small Monsters by E. Lily Yu at TOR.com


Short story


The Penitent by Phoenix Alexander in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July / August 2021

The Karyōbinga Sings to Jiro by Ryu Ando in Strange Horizons

The Techwork Horse by M.H. Ayinde in Fiyah #17 

Honey and Mneme by Marika Bailey in Apparition Lit

Space Pirate Queen of the Ten Billion Utopias by Elly Bangs in Lightspeed

To the Honourable and Esteemed Monsters Under My Bed by E.A. Bourland in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Sept/Oct 2021

The Chicken Line by Jendayi Brooks-Flemister in Constelación Magazine

To Rise, Blown Open by Jen Brown in Anathema

To Escape the Hungry Deep by KT Bryski in LampLight Volume 10 Issue 1

Every Next Day, by Rebecca Burton in Translunar Travelers Lounge

Spells For Going Forth By Day by V.G. Campen in Metaphorosis

My Sister Is a Scorpion by Isabel Cañas in Lightspeed

He Leaps for the Stars, He Leaps for the Stars by Grace Chan in Clarkesworld

The Spelunker’s Guide To Unreal Architecture by L Chan in The Dark

The Captain and the Quartermaster by C.L. Clark in Beneath Ceaseless Skies

If the Martians Have Magic by P. Djèlí Clark in Uncanny Magazine

I Wear My Spiders in Remembrance of Myself, by Kel Coleman in Apparition Lit

To Seek Himself Again by Marie Croke in Apex Magazine

Wolfsbane by Maria Dahvana Headley in Nightmare #100 (exclusive paid content)

Mulberry and Owl by Aliette de Bodard in Uncanny Magazine

The Frankly Impossible Weight of Han by Maria Dong in khōréō 

Memoranda from the End of the World by Gene Doucette in Lightspeed

Red Is Our Country by Filip Hajdar Drnovšek Zorko in Lightspeed


Fanfiction For a Grimdark Universe by Vanessa Fogg in Translunar Travelers Lounge

A Bird in the Window By Kate Francia in Beneath Ceaseless Skies

The Mothers by Laur A. Freymiller in Nightmare

A Test of Trouble by Catherine George in Luna Station Quarterly

You Cannot Return To the Burning Glade by Eileen Gunnell Lee in Reckoning

Horangi by Thomas Ha in Cossmass Infinities #4

Data Migration by Melanie Harding Shaw in Strange Horizons

The Heart That Saves You May Be Your Own by Merrie Haskell in Beneath Ceaseless Skies

The Taste of Centuries, the Taste of Home by Jennifer Hudak in khōréō 

Electronic Ghosts by Innocent Chizaram Ilo in Escape Pod, narrated by Mofiyinfoluwa Okupe

A Girl Forages for Mushrooms by Ruth Joffre in Flash Fiction Online

The Trumpet Player by Nicole Givens Kurtz in Fiyah

Candide; Life-, by Beth Goder in Clarkesworld

Open Highways by Alexis Gunderson in The Deadlands

Vampirito by K. Victoria Hernandez in khōréō


What Floats In a Flotsam River by Osahon Ize-Iyamu in Strange Horizons

The Promise of Iron by Benjamin C. Kinney in Kaleidotrope

The Children Will Lead Us by Andrew Kozma in Mythic #17

Bride, Knife, Flaming Horse by M.L. Krishnan in Apparition Lit

Immortal Coil by Ellen Kushner in Uncanny Magazine

Faithful Delirium by Brent Lambert in Beneath Ceaseless Skies

Stolen Property by Sarah Lamparelli in Black Static

Mouth by Sasha LaPointe in Strange Horizons

Across the River, My Heart, My Memory by Ann LeBlanc in Fireside

Your Own Undoing by PH Lee in Apex Magazine

Mouth & Marsh, Silver & Song by Sloane Leong in Fireside

From Witch to Queen and God by L. D. Lewis in Mermaids Monthly

10 Steps to a Whole New You by Tonya Liburd in Fantasy Magazine

Returning the Lyre by Mary E. Lowd in Kaleidotrope

My Mother's Hand by Dante Luiz in Constelación Magazine


Performance Review by Maryan Mahamed in Fiyah

Immolatus by Lyndsie Manusos in The Deadlands

Discontinuity by Jared Millet in Apex Magazine

Spindles by Samantha Mills in Kaleidotrope

The Taurus Pilot by Megan Navarro Conley in Anathema

Before Whom Evil Trembles by Nhamo in Anathema

Some Things That Happen When You Have the Strength of Ten Men by Mel Nigro in Augur 4.2

Pull by Leah Ning in Podcastle (narrated by Graeme Dunlop)

Anomaly by Chelsea Obodoechina in Anathema

Final Warnings in Open Fields by Xander Odell in Daily SF

The Cold Calculations by Aimee Ogden in Clarkesworld

Queen Minnie's Last Ride by Aimee Ogden in Apparition Lit

Deep in the Gardener’s Barrow by Tobi Ogundiran in Beneath Ceaseless Skies

The Dog Who Buried the Sea by Andy Oldfield in Flash Fiction Online

Laughter Among the Trees, by Suzan Palumbo in The Dark

Bright Lights Flying Beneath The Ocean by Anjali Patel in Escape Pod

Litany in the Heart of Exorcism by Sarah Pauling in Flash Fiction Online

We, the Girls Who Did Not Make It by E.A. Petricone in Nightmare

Advanced Word Problems in Portal Math by Aimee Picchi in Daily SF

This Wet Red by Marisca Pichette at PseudoPod narrated by Autumn Ivy

Where Oaken Hearts Do Gather by Sarah Pinsker in Uncanny Magazine

IF Trans THEN Mogrify by Hailey Piper in Cast of Wonders (narrated by Julia Hawkes-Reed)


Obstruction by Pamela Rentz in Fantasy Magazine

Otherwhen by Zandra Renwick in Fusion Fragment #5

Sorry We Missed You by Aun-Juli Riddle in khōréō

La Camaraderie du Cirque by dave ring at Podcastle

Mishpokhe and Ash by Sydney Rossman-Reich in Apex

The Cure For Boyhood by Josh Rountree in The Bourbon Penn #23

Welcome, Karate by Sara Saab in The Dark

What Sisters Take by Kelly Sandoval in Apex

The 21 Bus Line by Gabriela Santiago in The Dark

Murder Tongue by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy in Nightmare

From the Ashes Flew the Ladybug, by Alexandra Seidel in The Deadlands

The Center of the Universe by Nadia Shammas in Strange Horizons

The Middening by Allyson Shaw in Fireside

Follow by T.R. Siebert in Future Science Fiction Digest

The Giant With No Heart In Her Body by Nike Sulway in Strange Horizons

A Cold Yesterday in Late July by David Tallerman in The Dark 

What Remains to Wake by Jordan Taylor in The Deadlands #5

Balfour In the Desert by Fargo Tbakhi in Strange Horizons


Las Girlfriends Guide to Subversive Eating by Sabrina Vourvoulias in Apex Magazine

To Reach the Gate, She Must Leave Everything Behind by Izzy Wasserstein in Lightspeed

Gordon B. White is creating Haunting Weird Horror by Gordon B. White in Nightmare

Never a Gentle Master by Brittany N. Williams in Fireside

Where Things Fall From the Sky by Ally Wilkes in Nightmare

For Lack of a Bed by John Wiswell in Diabolical Plots

The Child-Feast of Harridan Sack by By Kaitlyn Zivanovich in PseudoPod (narrated by Jasmine Blake)


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