July 10, 2021

#WeekendReads July 10, 2021 - brand new issues of INTERZONE and BLACK STATIC

Due to some computer issues, I didn't get my usual #FridayReads post in yesterday, so instead I'm posting this as a #weekendread post. 

Cover art by Vincent Sammy.

There is a new issue of Interzone in the world (issue #290/291), and a new issue of Black Static is coming soon (you can preorder issue #80/81 on the TTA Press website), and they are well worth your time and money if you have an interest in excellent speculative fiction. Interzone has been around since 1982, and has been edited by Andy Cox since 2004. Black Static was founded in 1993, and is also edited by Andy Cox. In a world where most speculative fiction is posted in digital format online, these two magazine stand out because they are still committed to delivering print issues and illustrations for those print issues as well. 

Cover art by Richard Wagner.

You can get the magazines (both are fully-loaded double issues) in digital format, but if you can get your hands on the print issues, they are gorgeous: each story comes with an illustration and the artwork is always excellent. 

Table of contents for Interzone #290/291:

  • A Hollow in the Sky by Alexander Glass
  • A Stray Cat in the Mountain of the Dead by Cécile Cristofari
  • The Andraiad by Tim Major
  • Without Lungs or Limbs to Stay by Shauna O'Meara
  • Nemesis by Matt Thompson
  • An Island for Lost Astronauts by Daniel Bennett
  • Pace Car by Lyle Hopwood
  • The Mischief That is Past by John Possidente
  • The Egg Collectors by Lavie Tidhar
  • Columns by Aliya Whiteley (x2) and David Langford; guest editorial by Lavie Tidhar; book reviews by Maureen Kincaid Speller, Duncan Lawie, Val Nolan and several others; film reviews by Nick Lowe
  • Wraparound cover art by Vincent Sammy, interior colour art by Jim Burns, Ev Shipard, Richard Wagner, Vince Haig, Dave Senecal and others

I'm still reading my way through this issue, but it is excellent so far. (A new story by Shauna O'Meara is an automatic must-read for me!)

Cover art by Richard Wagner.

While you're waiting for that new issue of Black Static, check out the previous double issue (#78/79) which is an excellent read right through. You can order both the current and upcoming issue for a special price right now.


Full disclosure: I've had stories in both Interzone and Black Static.

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