July 16, 2021

#FridayReads: check out the July issue of Flash Fiction Online

 I love flash fiction and I adore Flash Fiction Online. The zine's July issue is a gosh-darn fantastic read and you can pick it up right now for $3.99 or pick up a subscription from Weightless Books, or maybe become a Patreon supporter.

In this issue you'll find a roster of outstanding fiction:

  • Editorial: Escape! By Editor-in-Chief Wendy Nikel
  • “Ember” by Anjali Patel
  • “The Wizard’s Book Tastes of Flight” by Jennifer Hudak
  • “Breathe” by Adam Fout
  • “This Will Not Happen to You” by Marissa Lingen
  • “Flash Fiction Flashback: “Listen and You’ll Hear Us Speak” by A.T. Greenblatt” by Wendy Nikel

Flash Fiction Online consistently publishes some of my favourite speculative fiction, and while each issue might feel bite-sized because of the word count, the stories have range and heft and can also pack a punch. Back in 2015 and 2016 when I was working hard on getting myself back into writing and reading speculative fiction, I read a lot of fiction in FFO. There's something about the format of flash fiction, the way it condenses a story to its essence, and the way it can be infinitely flexible with so few words, telling epics and funny stories, adventures and heart-piercing prose-poems, that appeals to me deeply as both a reader and a writer.

I confess that FFO also has a special place in my heart because they were my first fiction pro-sale. And because I've had five stories published with them over the years, but beyond that, they are legitimately one of my favourite SFF venues.

My stories in Flash Fiction Online, from the newest to the oldest: 

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