April 23, 2021

My first #FridayReads post!


It's Friday, and every Friday I'll be sharing some reading recommendations here. It could be anything: a story, a novella, an issue of magazine, a novel... whatever's on my mind that week. So for this week, my very first #FridayReads, I'm recommending issues of two different speculative fiction zines, and a novella!


Strange Horizons' Palestinian Special issue from March 29th, which includes short stories, poetry, reviews, art, and more by Palestinian creators. You can start off with Nadia Shammas's fantastic "The Center of the Universe", but the whole issue is packed with excellence.


Fusion Fragment #5 is a fantastic issue of this spec-fic zine, and includes great stories by Vanessa Fogg, Jess Koch, David F. Shultz, and others. Zandra Renwick's story "Otherwhen" is one of my favourites from this issue: an unsettling, trippy, and highly original take on time travel. There's also Spencer Nitkey's terrific and powerful magic-in-space story, "Winter's Song", but really, this whole zine is well worth a read. You pay what you want, and then you can download the entire issue!


The Four Profound Weaves by R.B. Lemberg was just announced as a finalist in the novella category for the Ignyte Awards, and I loved this story so much when I read it last year and it's such a rich, beautiful story. Or, like I said in my review

R.B. Lemberg’s novella The Four Profound Weaves is a lyrical and gripping journey that begins in a sunlit desert full of sand and bones, continues into a city haunted by memories and ghosts, and eventually takes the reader into the the light-less depths beneath the earth. It’s a story that delves deep into themes like resistance, courage, and endurance.


Happy reading, and have a great weekend. 💗

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